2019 Summer Solstice Fly-In to Green Trees Airport (OG28)

2nd Annual Summer Solstice Fly-In Barn Party

When:  June 22, 2019
Where:  Green Trees Ranch (OG28) in Scio, OR
Pattern:  RP Rwy 12 | LP Rwy 30
Landing Runway:  12
Departing Runway:  30
CTAF:  122.9 | Please call 5 miles out for sequencing

Please join the host Geoff and Jan for 2nd Annual Summer Solstice Fly-In and Barn Party.  The location is scenic private grass airport in city of Scio in Oregon.  The event was a huge success and the hosts, who are both pilots, would welcome you to fly-in and camp out for a Sunday departure.

For additional information and questions, visit Facebook group:  Green Trees Ranch Summer Solstice Fly-in or email:  puppyplateau@gmail.com


  • POTLUCK!  Please bring some food (entree, sides, or desserts) to share with everyone
  • Dinner is Served from 4PM to 6PM ish
    • BBQ Beef Brisket and Pulled Pork will be provided by the hosts
    • Donations to help with cost is appreciated and as a pilot myself, it is highly recommended
  • Live Music and Dancing from 6PM to 9PM.  Bring your dancing shoes and don’t be shy!


  • Call CTAF 122.9 approximately 5 miles out for sequencing
  • Preferred Landing Runway is 12 with Right Pattern for Noise Abatement
    • For winds greater than 10kts, consider landing on Runway 30
      • Runway 30 has tall trees and the runway slopes down
  • Back taxiing will be in effect.  Please listen to ground marshal on CTAF and advise whether Day Parking or Camping.
  • Follow Marshal instructions and Shut Down as requested
    • Do Not Taxi into parking area for safety.  Shut down as requested and push into parking or camping spots.
    • There will be plenty of volunteers to help you move the aircraft to designated location


  • NO Aircraft Operation After Dark, typically from 9PM to Dawn
  • Locate a Ground Marshall in bright yellow safety jacket and inform them of your intention to depart PRIOR to moving aircraft
    • There will be plenty of volunteers to help you move your aircraft to designated location for engine start
    • Start Engine  after Ground Marshall gives all clear to start
  • Departing Runway is 30 with Left Standard Departure Pattern for Noise Abatement
  • Back taxiing will be in effect.  Please listen to ground marshal on CTAF
  • Seattle Center is 125.80 for flight following or for IFR clearance


  • Leave No Trace Camping – Please take your trash with you
  • Recycling Bins are located near the Party Barn
  • After 10PM, please be a courteous neighbor and be quiet
  • No electricity is provided but please do not use a generator
  • Restroom Locations:
    • Inside Party Barn
    • 2 Porta Potties behind Barn
    • Forest for urinating but please try not to fertilize one bush all day long.  Share it with the other trees and bushes.

Please join Geoff and Jan in celebrating Summer Solstice and we all look forward to seeing you have a great time.  Fly Safe and See you Soon!