Accelerated Commercial Pilot Flight Training

Accelerated Zero to CFI-I Flight Training

Infinite Aero Academy, once approved by FAA for Part 141 Certification, will be able to provide Accelerated Flight Training program that will take you from Zero Time to CFI-I (Certified Instrument Flight Instructor) with a total of approximately 230 flight hours.

Once you become a CFI-I with Infinite Aero Academy, you will be able to teach others while logging valuable flight hours towards your ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) Certification which requires a total of 1500 flight hours.

As a contract CFI-I, you will be paid approximately $50 to $60 per hour of flight instruction and $40 per hour of ground instruction.  With the number of current students and anticipated in the future, we project a workload of at least 24 hours per week adding up to flight training income of $1200 to $1440 per week or $60,000 to $72,000 per year.  Additionally, instructing 24 hours per week equates to 1,200 hours of loggable time per year.

With 230 hours of flight training to become a CFI-I through our flight training course, and additional 1,200 hours of logged flight time, you will be able to apply for ATP or Restricted ATP Certificate in approximately 1.5 years from start to finish.

At this time, our 5 months Accelerated Zero to CFI-I Flight Training Course is estimated to cost approximately $52,320 which includes all books, medical exam, FAA knowledge exams, and even checkride fees with a DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner).

To be eligible for this accelerated flight training program, you will have to dedicate 5 months to full time flight training and progress at a rate that is consistent with the schedule timeline.

For students that need lodging, due to the course being 5 months in length, we can assist you with local housing, shared room, or even nearby hotel that is within walking distance to the flight training facility.

To inquire about next available date for enrollment, please email us at: or call 541-730-3345.