Aircraft Maintenance

Certified Aircraft Maintenance

Infinite Air Center has a full time A&P-IA on staff during normal business hours.  Robert Lind has over 30 years of experience as an aircraft mechanic and is knowledgeable with variety of aircraft.

Robert has worked on many makes and models including Pipers, Cessnas, Beechcrafts, Mooneys, Socatas, and Miccos just to name a few.  Robert has vast knowledge of Piper Comanches as well from working at Webco in Kansas during his earlier years as a mechanic.

Infinite Air Center welcomes Owner Assisted Annuals as we believe a knowledgeable owner is key to a safe and airworthy aircraft.

An added benefit of having your aircraft maintained at Infinite Air Center is discounted fuel program for owners having an Annual Inspection performed by us.  The discount consists of 20 cents off per gallon at either Albany Municipal Airport (S12) or Mulino State Airport (4S9).

To schedule your maintenance, please contact us at:  541.730.3345 or email us at

Experimental and SLSA Aircraft Maintenance

Experimental and SLSA Aircraft maintenance can also be performed at Infinite Air Center.  Whether you built it or purchased it already built, we can perform Condition Inspection or help you troubleshoot any problems you may encounter.

With our Rotax Heavy Maintenance Certified technician on staff, variety of maintenance can be performed.

Rotax Engine Maintenance

Infinite Air Center employs a Rotax Certified Maintenance Technician an can perform Basic Service to Heavy Maintenance.

With popularity of Rotax based engines and their sometimes drastic differences between traditional aircraft engines, Infinite Air Center is able to meet your Rotax needs.