Albany Municipal Airport Information


New CTAF Frequency is 122.725

Regulatory Information

FAA Identifier:  S12
Elevation:  226 ft
Magnetic Variation:  19E

CTAF/Unicom:  122.725
Cascade Approach:  127.5
WX at KCVO:  135.775  (541-754-0081)
WX at KSLE:  ATIS 124.55  (503-371-1062)

S12 Runways 16/34 Information

Runway Dimensions:  3004 x 75 ft.
Surface:  Ashphalt
Traffic Pattern:  Left
Visual Slope:  Rwy 16: 4 box VASI  |  Rwy 34: 2 box VASI
REIL:  Yes
Obstructions:  YES

Local Knowledge

While the Chart Supplement (AF/D) does not specify, Runway 34 is generally known as the Calm Wind Runway.  It is common for airports in the Willamette Valley to have Calm Wind Runway facing North.

Voluntary Noise Abatement

When Taking off Runway 34, it is highly recommended that you depart via Left Traffic.  With new housing development to the NE of the airport, it is advised to climb above I-5.