Commercial Pilot Certificate – Part 61

Flying for Compensation

If you plan on pursuing a Career in Aviation, becoming an Instructor, or flying for any sort of compensation, a Commercial Pilot Certificate is required.

Estimated Cost for Commercial Pilot Certificate

FAA has a mandatory minimum number of hours flown with and without an instructor before you can take your final exam (check-ride).  Minimum number of hours are 250 hours of flight time for Part 61 flight training operation. Additionally, a FAA computerized testing and a check-ride will be required.

Typical cost of a Commercial Pilot Certificate through Infinite Air Center is approximately $14,695.00 excluding FAA computerized exam, and check ride exam fees.  This cost is based on a Private Pilot with an Instrument Rating with approximately 120 total hours of logged flight time.  Since most of the flight time is for building time, it is recommended that a slower and less expensive trainer be used for most of the flight time.  Also, based on new FAA ruling, either 10 hours of Complex time in a Piper Arrow or TAA aircraft can be used.

Cessna 150 Cherokee 140
Ground School Self Study Kit $320.00 $320.00
Non Complex Aircraft Rental (100 Hrs) $10,000.00 $12,500.00
Complex or TAA Aircraft Rental (10 Hrs) * $1,450.00 to $1,600.00 $1,450 to $1,600.00
CFI Instruction Time (30 Hrs) $1,950.00 $1,950.00
Ground & Pre/Post Flight Instruction $975.00 $975.00
Total Est. Cost  $14,357.00 to $14,525.00
 $16,875.00 to $17,025.00
*Complex Aircraft used will be a Piper Arrow 180 with base rate of $160 per hour.