Complex Endorsement – Part 61

Complex Airplanes are quite simple

If you are planning on pursuring a Commercial Pilot Certificate, exploring a Career in Aviation, just want more levers to play with, or just think airplanes with wheels that retract are too cool, Complex Endorsement will be valuable.

Estimated Cost for Complex Endorsement

FAA does NOT have a mandatory minimum number of hours flown with and without an instructor for the Complex Endorsement.  A check-ride is not even required for this add-on.  What you need is a logbook sign-off from a Certified Instructor validating you have the knowledge to operate the landing gears, flaps, and adjustable propeller system.

At Infinite Air Center, we have provided many Complex Endorsements ranging from 4 hours of training to 15 hours of training.  It truly is based on your knowledge of the airplane systems, and your ability to work the levers.  However, based on our experience, 5 hours of training seems to be a typical number of flight training hours.

Typical cost for a Complex Endorsement at 5 hours of training is approximately $1,000.00 .  All training for Complex Endorsement will utilize our Piper Arrow 180 retractable gear aircraft with a cowl flap and 3 blad constant speed propeller.

Arrow 180
Aircraft Rental (8 Hrs) $1,280.00
CFI Instruction Time (8 Hrs) $520.00
Total Est. Cost $1,800.00