Demo Flights

Introductory Demo Flights for $99

A Demo Flight with one of our Certified Flight Instructor or Commercial Rated Pilot will allow you to experience flying from the Captain’s seat!

We offer Introductory Demo Flights for $99.  What does it include and how do you reserve your spot?

  • Pre-Flight with a Certified Flight Instructor or a Commercial Rated Pilot.  Please arrive on time for a Pre-Flight Walkaround with your Flight Guide.
    A Pre-Flight is what every pilot does before an actual flight where control surfaces, oil, fuel level, overall condition, etc are checked.
  • You sit on the Left Side which is the PIC or Pilot in Command side!
    Your Flight Instructor will sit on the Right Side where there are dual controls.
  • Start the engine, turn on the Radios, and taxi out to the runway.
    Don’t worry!  Your Flight Guide has your every move covered!
  • Mixture Rich, and then Advance the Throttle and TAKE OFF!
  • Fly around the Willamette Valley for about 20-30 minutes while you do some simple maneuvers like turns, climbs, descents, etc.  Or just enjoy the view!
  • When in the traffic pattern, your Flight Instructor will bring it in.
  • After the flight, the aircraft will be tied-down, secured, and locked.
  • Post-Flight consists of talking wildly about your Awesome Flight.

If this sounds like something you would like to experience, give us a call to schedule.  All Demo Flights are weather permitting but we will do our best to accommodate.

To schedule, please call the main office at 541.730.3345 or email us at