FATPNW Premium Discount

FATPNW Premium

Infinite Air Center is proud to be a partner with FATPNW Premium.  FATPNW was formed as a facebook group and with increasing membership base, FATPNW Premium membership was started on February 25, 2017.

Infinite Air Center is a proud partner of FATPNW Premium and offers the following benefits to current members:

  • 10 cents off of Self Serve AVGAS purchase at Albany Municipal Airport and Mulino State Airport.
  • 10% off of Labor Rate for Annual/Condition Inspections on Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft.
    • If you have your aircraft serviced at Infinite Air Center in Albany, it automatically qualifies you for 20 cents off of Self Serve AVGAS.  This is 10 cents less than what a FATPNW Premium member pays and depending on how often you fly, might make it worthwhile.

To take advantage of discounted fuel, please download the enrollment form and send it in via fax, in person, or by USPS.  We will need a copy of your Drivers License, Membership ID card, and the enrollment form.

To download enrollment form, please click for FATPNW Premium Fuel Discount Form.