Flying Drones | Quadcopters | UAS in and around Albany Municipal Airport

General Guidelines to flying Drones or UAS

With two types of Drone Pilots, Recreational and Commercial, we can only outline the general regulations.  All types of drones such as quadcopters, fixed wing, multi-rotor or any other types that are not manned will be referred to as UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) and share similar regulations.

**CAUTION**  Any UAS operation within 3 miles from the Albany Municipal Airport is cautioned to stay well below treeline.  Albany Municipal Airport has aircraft taking off and landing throughout the day with landing pattern to West or East of the airport depending on wind conditions.  During this phase of flight aircraft will be lower than pattern altitude especially directly in-line with the runway.

Commercial UAS Operations

Drone Pilots holding an FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate can use their UAS for any monetary compensation.  To obtain FAA Part 107 Certificate, non-flying pilot will need to take a computerized written exam and have the test results signed off by an Instructor or send in the information to FAA for processing.  To obtain your FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate, our affiliate Aero Drone Resources offers a 2 day training course in conjunction with a local Community College.  To get more information, please click HERE.

Even as a commercial UAS operator, you are NOT allowed to fly above 400′ AGL or any UAS over 55lbs in weight.  To fly outside of this rule, a commercial UAS operator must have Section 333 Exemption from FAA.

Recreational UAS Operations

Recreational UAS pilots do not need to have FAA’s Part 107 Certificate but it is highly recommended to avoid potential issues.  Issues such as No-Fly-Zones, TFRs, proximity to nearest airports, weather conditions, all must be weighed.

To find additional information on Airspace Restrictions, please visit FAA website by clicking HERE.

Generally, recreational UAS operators must stay below 400′ above ground level and stay outside of 5 mile radius of nearest airport.  If you plan to fly within 5 mile radius of Albany Municipal Airport, you are required to give notice to the airport operator.  Air Traffic Control tower is not present at Albany Municipal Airport.  To give notice to the airport operator please call Jon Goldman, airport manager, at (541) 917-7605.

Recreational UAS operation is NOT permitted in Class B airspace with the nearest Class B airspace being around Seattle area.