Instrument Rating – Part 61

Utilize your Pilot Certificate to the Fullest

While a Private Pilot Certificate allows you to fly a vast number of aircraft, you are limited to flying in VFR (Visual Flight Rules) conditions meaning you will need to have visual reference during flight.

This rule can severely limit when and where you fly especially if you plan to use your aircraft for business.  With Instrument Rating in addition to your Private Pilot Certificate, you will be able to take advantage of flights using Instruments only.  This will allow you to fly in the clouds and open up a whole new way of flying.

Instrument Rating is often a pre-cursor to higher ratings if you are planning on becoming a Commercial Pilot or considering a Career Path in Aviation.

Estimated Cost for Instrument Rating

Similar to Private Pilot Certificate, FAA has a minimum training and flight hour requirements before you can take a check-ride.  In addition, there will be additional FAA computerized exam.

One big requirement for Instrument Rating is 50 hour Cross Country PIC time.  We believe FAA requires 50 hours of Cross Country flight time before you become Instrument Rated for the reason of flight planning.  Each Instrument flight will need to be carefully planned and we believe this is one of the motivation for FAA to require this much extra flight time.

While the 50 hour Cross Country PIC time can be combined with Instrument flight training somewhat, we highly recommend that you at least get close to the 50 hours by flying a long cross country.  Do you have friends or family on the other side of the country?  Go fly there and back!  The weather you will encounter along the way is vastly different than what you are used to in the Willamette Valley.  Long Cross Country flight such as this will give you the confidence in equipment, your knowledge, planning, preparedness, decision making, and make you a more rounded pilot.

We believe that a combination of proven curriculum in addition to experienced instructors can provide students with solid understanding of flying IFR with approximately 50 hours of practice.  While this is more than FAA’s minimum requirements, we believe from our experience, a dedicated student can fully obtain their Instrument Rating in 50 hours of flight and 25 hours of CFI-I instruction.

Typical cost for an Instrument Rating through Infinite Air Center is approximately $9,595.00 $9,845.00 excluding FAA computerized exam, and check ride exam fees.  This cost does not includes the 50 hours of  Cross Country time as each candidate has different flight history.

Estimated cost below is based on 50 hours of flight time which includes 25 hours of CFI-I instruction.  The other 25 hours should be flown with a safety pilot for practice.

  Cherokee 140 Cherokee 180
Ground School Self Study Kit $320.00 $320.00
IFR Flight Kit with Supplies $100.00 $100.00
Aircraft Rental (50 Hrs) $6,250.00 $6,500.00
CFI-I Instruction Time (25 Hrs) $1,625.00 $1,625.00
Ground & Pre/Post Flight Instruction $1,300.00 $1,300.00
Total Est. Cost  $9,595.00  $9,845.00
*50 Hours of Cross Country Flight can be taken in a smaller Cessna 150.  The Cessna 150 is VFR only but is ideal for cross country flights and for time building.  50 Hours of Cessna 150 is estimated at $5,000.00