Part 61 Flight Training

Flexible Flight Training Program

Part 61 Flight Training offers flexibility that most new recreational student pilots desire.  While this type of training is not tied to a specific Syllabus that has been submitted to and approved by FAA, it offers students and Flight Instructors more freedom in lessons taught and the order it is taught.

Unless you are interested in a Career in Aviation or is on a Fast-Track to obtain your Private Pilot Certificate, Part 61 Program is an excellent choice.  Most Private Pilots nationwide have been trained using Part 61 Program.

Infinite Air Center offers Pilot Training for Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, and Certified Instrument Instructor.

Private Pilot Certificate

All Flying Adventure starts with a Private Pilot Certificate.  Private Pilot allows you to fly any Single Engine Aircraft up to and including 200HP engine.  While there is no limit on number of passengers, Private Pilots are required to fly Visually using outside Horizon Reference.  This is where the basics are learned before continuing onto other Ratings or Certificates.  For details, click here.

Instrument Rating

To fully utilize your Aircraft and the utility it provides, Instrument Rating is crucial.  This rating allows you to fly through clouds in what is known as IMC (Instrument Meteorological Condition).  For details, click here.

Complex Endorsement

Complex Endorsement allows a Pilot to fly an Aircraft with retractable gears, flaps, and constant speed propeller.  For details, click here.

Commercial Pilot

Any flying that has compensation requires a Commercial Pilot Certificate.  Compensation could be monetary, time, or any other factors that can influence your decision.  For details, click here.

Certified Flight Instructor

CFI Rating allows you to instruct others.  If you can keep your cool, stay calm, and are good with people, this rating allows you to build a lot of time very quickly.  For details, click here.

Certified Instrument Instructor

CFI-I is all of the above PLUS you can instruct pilots training for their Instrument Rating.  For details, click here.