Private Pilot Certificate – Part 61

Begin with Private Pilot Certificate

All Flying Adventure begins with a Private Pilot Certificate.  At Infinite Air Center, we can take you from Zero to Private through our Part 61 Program and design the curriculum to your schedule.

Estimated Cost for Private Pilot Certificate

FAA has a mandatory minimum number of hours flown with and without an instructor before you can take your final exam (check-ride).  Minimum number of hours are 40 hours of flight time and while it is a good goal, it is very difficult to obtain the knowledge and proficiency with 40 hours of flight time.  We have done it before and have met a lot of pilots that have taken their check-ride at 40 hours so it is completely possible.

At Infinite Air Center, we believe that with regular training, a motivated student pilot can achieve level of competency with approximately 45 hours of flight time.  While other training providers use FAA Minimum of 40 hours for pricing, our pricing estimate below is based on 45 hours of flight time and 20 hours of flight instruction. 

Typical cost of a Private Pilot Certificate through Infinite Air Center is approximately $7,180.00 to $8,305.00 excluding FAA computerized exam, medical exam, and check ride exam fees.

  Cessna 150 Cherokee 140
Ground School Self Study Kit $300.00 $300.00
Flight Bag Kit* with Pilot Supplies $180.00 $180.00
Aircraft Rental (45 Hrs) $4,500.00 $5,625.00
CFI Instruction Time (20 Hrs) $1,100.00 $1,100.00
Ground & Pre/Post Flight Instruction $1,100.00 $1,100.00
Total Est. Cost  $7,180.00  $8,305.00
*Flight Bag Consists of: GATS Fuel Tester, Hardcover Pilot Log Book, Smith&Wesson LED Flashlight, Keychain, Seattle/Klamath Falls Sectionals Chart, Seattle Terminal Chart, FAR/AIM, and Kneeboard.