S12 – Aviation Fueling

EPIC Branded Aviation Fuel

Infinite Air Center uses EPIC branded fuel exclusively.  We firmly believe in the added quality control behind branded Fuel.  Infinite Air Center performs regular fuel testing, cleaning, equipment testing, and adhere to all Industry Standards to provide clean, contaminant-free Aviation Fuel.

100LL AVGAS : $5.099 per Gallon

100LL AVGAS is dispensed through a Self Serve Terminal.  For Latest Price, please visit AirNav.com as it is updated regularly.  All price you see on AirNav.com is GURANTEED.  AVGAS is available 24 Hours a Day.

JET-A: $3.499 per Gallon Full Serve

JET-A is dispensed through a truck and is Full Service only and only available during normal business hours.  If you need after-hour service, please call us at 541.730.3345 and we will accomodate you.

S12 Fuel Discount Program

  • Albany Municipal Airport Tenants:  Minimum of .05 cents off per gallon from Posted Price

To receive Fuel Discounts, please download the Albany Municipal Airport Fuel Discount Program Application, and fax it back to us or drop it off at the FBO counter.  For security reasons, we cannot accept emailed forms.  Once your Application has been approved, your Credit Card information will be uploaded to the Fuel Terminal for Discounts to be applied automatically.  Once the Credit Card information has been uploaded, paper copy will be shredded.